Final Hollywood Pines Report and Technical Support Documents Now Available

A list of technical documents produced during the Hollywood Pines Project can be found below.  Please select a document file from the list provided and click to download a PDF version of the file.  Please note that Chapter 2 (Data Collection), Chapter 3 (Project Development), and Chapter 7 (Implementation and Monitoring Plan) of the Final Plan will be made available soon.

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
0_Executive SummaryPDF1.89 MB18 Mar, 2015Download
0_Table of ContentsPDF176.85 KB18 Mar, 2015Download
1_Performance MeasuresPDF855.05 KB18 Mar, 2015Download
3_Public Involvement PlanPDF550.80 KB18 Mar, 2015Download
2_Data CollectionPDF246.06 KB18 Mar, 2015Download
4_Transportation Analysis SummaryPDF2.73 MB18 Mar, 2015Download
5_Land Use AnalysisPDF1.58 MB18 Mar, 2015Download
6_Project DevelopmentPDF4.38 MB18 Mar, 2015Download
7_Implementation and Monitoring PlanPDF4.33 MB18 Mar, 2015Download

Still Have a Question or Comment on the Hollywood Pines Corridor Project?

The Hollywood/Pines Corridor Project is complete, but if you would like to submit any questions or comments to the Broward MPO, please click here and a member of the project team will follow up with you.

Please refer to the Broward MPO’s website at for more information regarding transportation initiatives and projects in your community. 

iTown Hall Meeting

On September 16, 2013, the Broward MPO hosted an iTown Hall meeting to discuss potential short- and long-term improvements to Hollywood/Pines Boulevard as part of the Hollywood/Pines Corridor Project.  For those of you that participated in the iTown Hall meeting, we appreciate your interest in this important project. 

During the meeting we did experience some technical difficulties that prevented the website link to the meeting from functioning properly.  We sincerely apologize to anyone who was not able to participate due to these technical issues.  

An audio file of the iTown Hall meeting can be downloaded here.  Please note that, due to the technical difficulties experienced, the audio terminates abruptly a few minutes prior to the end of the 60 minute meeting. 

We are in the process of preparing a summary of the questions/comments discussed during the iTown Hall meeting as well as responses to questions that were submitted but could not be answered live during the allotted meeting time.  We will be posting that summary in the next few days and will send out an email notification once this is done. 

  Welcome to the Hollywood/Pines Corridor Project  
By bike, car, bus, or walking…how do you get around? The majority of people use a car to travel from one place to another. For some people, such as seniors, children, or those without cars, transportation choices are limited and traveling from one place to another can be a challenge. For others, walking, bicycling, or using transit would be the preferable choice, but those options may be neither safe nor convenient. Working with individuals, community groups, businesses, governmental agencies, and other stakeholders, the Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is focusing on ways to enhance its planning process to provide a livable community that is safe, enjoyable, and sustainable for all citizens and visitors, whether you walk, bike, ride, or drive.


Historically, Livability Planning initiatives focus on land use, housing, and economic development issues that affect our daily lives and how we live, work and play. Separately, the Congestion Management Process traditionally focuses on monitoring, evaluating, and identifying solutions to improve road performance and reduce congestion levels. Moving forward, the Broward MPO is integrating Livability Planning and the Congestion Management Process, moving away from traditional approaches that focus on the single-occupant vehicle, such as road widening. This integrated Congestion Management Process/Livability Planning approach will focus on enhancing the quality of life and improving safety and mobility through short- and long-term strategies and improvements for land use, transit, biking, and walking. 

The Hollywood/Pines Boulevard Corridor Congestion Management Process/Livability Planning Project is the inaugural project under this combined system. The study area for the Hollywood/Pines Corridor Project extends from SR A1A to US 27 and includes an approximate one-mile north-south buffer. This approximately 20-mile stretch of Hollywood/Pines Boulevard serves as a major transportation corridor and includes two municipalities, the City of Hollywood and the City of Pembroke Pines.


 Transit Station; image courtesy
of Lane Transit District (Eugene, OR)


Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of the Federal Highway Administration


For complaints, questions or concerns about civil rights or discrimination; or for special request under the American with Disabilities Act, please contact:

Christopher Ryan
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